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How to effectively use the WISH LIST feature on The Cotton Club website.

Great for Shopping for yourself or for others to shop for you!!

Make it easy for your friends and loved ones to give you just what you want!!

The wish list is an alternative to the checkout stand in our store. Just go shopping, then when you have finished filling your cart, you click on the Wish List. In the Wish List you can fill in the email addresses of up to 6 people (besides yourself) who will receive a copy of what you want.

When you submit the list, the items are placed into a database with a reference number, and an email is sent to you, as well as, the other email addresses you entered.

The email has a link back to the site with the reference number. When a person follows the link to our site it automatically generates a new shopping cart, puts the items into the cart, and leaves them at a view/modify cart page so that they can change quantities or delete items if they wish. If an item has been deleted from the store it will be automatically deleted from the wish list.

When you, your loved one, friends or co-wokers check out and send the order to us, your wish list is automatically updated. The next time the wish list is accessed, only the remaining items will appear.

Another use of the Wish List is to enable you to start a shopping cart and then save the cart so you are able to come back later and continue shopping.

Although a Secret Pal is another possible use -- you would need to email the link to a person that knows the identity of your secret pal so your identity is not revealed.

What a great way as a quilter to get just what we want and still be surprised.

By reputation, as quilters, we are hard to buy for, so now you can make it easy!!

The link for this feature is at the bottom of the Online Catalog Category page. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it. Just Click on Online Catalog and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Hope you are making something beautiful.
Happy Sewing!
All of us at The Cotton Club

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