Number 1: As you've undoubtedly figured out, I really like the selections you offer through the Cotton Club. My taste is eclectic, but I definitely have a preference for dynamic fabric. Your choices fit that bill, while exhibiting a great balance between bold and subtle. When your mailings arrive, my first reaction is usually to rush ahead and order a half-yard of everything (you've noticed I don't actually do that). Then I indulge in the hypothetical design phase -- "how much would I need if I made THIS type of quilt". Pulling out the green sprinkle batik is what led to the larger quantity of Golden Glow. A letter from a stepdaughter in Spain led to the 2 1/2 yards of the ironwork lattice batik from this month's issue. And then sometimes there's just pure spec -- like the Alexander Henry Fair Isle Stripe from a few issues back. Sometimes it's just good to have on hand. I just finished a wall quilt ... for which this stripe turned out to make the ideal border.

Thanks again. Please keep up the good work -- you help me think in ways I truly enjoy. I know you'll hear from me again soon. L LeClair

Number 2: What a pleasure to get a warm and courteous answer to an order. I'll be back. Thanks for being "real people." J Fliegelman

Number 3: I've been a Hoffman and Cotton Club member for years, and I'm really impressed with this site! I think the variety and quantity of fabrics displayed is what makes your site work so well - it's inspiring in a way that sample packets aren't. It's more like a fabric store, but better because the fabrics are isolated, not surrounded by a zillion other fabrics, which as you know can really confuse the senses. Also, for the first time I was able to see what variety there is in Fossil Fern fabrics without having to buy packets. I hope you get a lot of orders from non-members as well as members - your photos and descriptions are very good. I hope you buy Paula's new kaleidoscope line at Spring Market. In fact I'm counting on it when I renew! M Lyon
(By the way, we do plan to carry the line!)

Number 4: You are all great! Thanks for the super customer service!!! P Elliott

Number 5: My fabrics arrived and I'm so excited. Thank you for all your help. I don't have the biggest "fabric allowance", and spent a big portion of it on that order, but to be sure, I will be shopping at Cotton Club again. You made it so easy, and you were such a big help. Thank you thank you, N Mason

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