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Perfect Ovals, Circles & Stems
Ever since Karen Kay Buckley introduced her set of small Mylar washers, quilters have been begging her for MORE. Now, we not only have the small and large circles, we now have Perfect Ovals and Perfect Stems. If you haven't invested in the smaller ones, you have been missing out of the ease of making perfect circles for applique. Detailed instructions arrive with the heat resistant plastic pieces. This method actually makes you want to make grape clusters. Honest!

First, the original set of Small Perfect Circles - 4 each of 15 sizes - 7/16" to 2" plus a ring for storage. You, too, will have perfect circles every time!

Co-worker Kate is thrilled to have these for her applique work. She says when you gather your thread on something like this you can pull it tight, starch the seam allowance and press it hard for a perfect circle, just like Karen's.

Bigger Perfect Circles can be used for making circular applique pieces or for any circular application. Packet contains 20 acrylic circles that range from 2 1/2" in diameter to 4 1/2" in quarter inch increments.

Then came Perfect Stems. In this package are detailed directions and five different sizes of heat resistant strips. These strips will allow you to make perfect stems that are a little over 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", a little over 1/8" and 1/8" wide.

And, just out, Perfect Ovals. The ovals like all the rest arrive in a zip lock bag. There are 20 - 2 each of 10 different sizes 3/4" to 1 5/8".

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Bigger Perfect Circle Set ea $14.95
Perfect Circles - Small Set ea $12.95
Set of Perfect Stems ea $12.95
Set of Perfect Ovals ea $11.95
Send all 4 sets - 2 Perfect Circles, Stems and Ovals ea $44.95

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