3 x 5 scan of 8" x 14" fabric

C1807 Downton Abbey Egyptian Architecture

Since 1922, when Howard Carter found Tutankhamun, and other archaeologists brought to light Egyptian treasures, interest in Egyptian life was sparked. Lotus blossoms, hieroglyphs, amulets, and other Egyptian motifs are featured in this fabric by Andover's Downton Abbey collection. The rich colors are reminiscent of the precious jewels found in the treasures themselves such as lapis, onyx, carnelian, peridot, jasper, turquoise, and gold.

C1807 Downton Abbey Egyptian Architecture offers designs found on many of the structures and sarcophagus from Egyptian history. The pale tan background is highlighted with a multitude of designs. Be sure to click on the larger photo to see more of the motifs. The repeat is 8".

Other pieces in this collection include,

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