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In the Fall of 2006, Clover introduced the Quick Yo-Yo Maker in two sizes, Large and Small. By 2009 there were 9 different makers from which to choose. Except for the three largest makers, they all fit within the 4" squares we send with our fabric clubs. (The Large Circle, yielding a 1.8 inch diameter yo-yo, makes the best use of the 4" square.) HINT FROM THE EXPERTS: Even though the directions tell you to trim your fabric first, don't. It is better if you trim it after you've done the stitching, as it is easier to catch it and when you have circled your yo-yo, pulling the excess fabric back over the lip of the yo-yo maker and using it for the scissors to glide along as you trim is a dream. Because there is no preparation, yo-yos make a terrific travel project.

Clover "Quick" Yo-Yo Maker - 1 x 1 1/4" Heart Shape
Clover's "Quick" Yo-Yo Maker allows you to make evenly spaced stitches to create beautiful gathers and fold the seam in such a way that make nicely shaped circular yo-yos.
Simply place the fabric between the plate and the disk, cut around the disk, stitch, following holes in the plate, remove the plate and disk and pull the thread. You now have a completed Yo-Yo!

Ref # Not_8704

8704 Small Heart Yo-Yo Maker - 1 1/4 inch ea $5.95
8705 Large Heart Yo-Yo Maker - 1 3/4 inch ea $6.50
8702 Yo-Yo Maker - Extra Small 3/4 inch ea $5.50
8700 Yo-Yo Maker - Small 1.2 inch ea $5.50
8701 Yo-Yo Maker - Large 1.8 inch ea $5.95
8703 Yo-Yo Maker - Extra Large 2 3/8 inch ea $6.50
8706 Small Flower Yo-Yo Maker - 1 3/8 inch ea $5.95
8707 Large Flower Yo-Yo Maker - 1 3/4 inch ea $6.50
8708 Jumbo Yo-Yo Maker - 3 1/2 inch ea $8.95
Get 1 each of all 9 Yo-Yo Makers ea $54.45

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