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Perfect for embroidery or machine quilting! Collect all the colors in the size of your choice.

Mettler Silk Finish
500 yd Spools
Mettler Silk Finish Multi-colored thread is a 50 weight 3 ply 100% Cotton Thread perfect for embroidery and machine quilting. The color changes every 2" to 3". It could also be used for hand-quilting if it were waxed.

We think the 50 weight 3 ply is the perfect weight to also use for machine quilting a quilt. It is not so heavy that it will sit on top of the quilt and detract from the piecing nor will it sink in not to be seen and the colors are luscious. The 500 yd spools are available in 36 colors We carry both sizes in Open Stock, so when you need more we will have it.

JOIN the club of your choice - we will send you 3 spools a month or 6 spools a month until you have all 36 colors. This is a great way to enhance your thread stash and it is fun to get in the mail too! And, if you JOIN one of the clubs, US/Domestic shipping only is $5.80.

Take a look at all the many variegated colors.
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Send 3 spools each month - 500 yd Mettler Silk Finish Multi ea $20.25
Send 6 spools each month - 500 yd Mettler Silk Finish Multi ea $40.55
Send all 36 colors at once - 500 yd Mettler Silk Finish Multi ea $235.98


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