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Find wonderful tweed-like cottons inspired by a well-dress man's suit - Man About Town Collection. Or a more romantic collection such as Harmony. And from Northcott's new Artisan Spirit line - Falling Leaves - fresh and modern Fall colors.

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Tulip Time Pattern/Kit
Tulip Time designed by Jean Boyd is fun and quick to assemble. This quilt pattern showcases the Tulip Time panel beautifully. We can put together the "white" quilt you see in the picture that will include Parrot Tulip White. Finished quilt is 55" x 67". Kit includes fabrics shown as well as others from our shop to make the quilt top and binding. Pattern is sold separately.

Coordinates include:

Ref # Kit_TulipTime

Tulip Time Pattern Only ea $11.00
White Tulip Time Kit - Panel plus 4 1/4 yds ea $59.99
3 3/4 yds coordinated backing for Tulip Time Kit ea $41.95

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