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We are carrying more and more thread. In the early years it was only Star Thread, which we are now phasing out. It was cheap and we had to clean the machine often. Now that we have good thread to sew with and expensive machines, we only want to sew with the best. We still love our Fine Thread, a 100% Cotton 120 weight but it is too light for many jobs so we also need our 50 wieght 2 play Aurifil cotton thread for most jobs and 50 wieght 3-ply Mettler threads for quilts which will receive hard wear such as baby quilts or large piecing and lightly quilted quilts. There is a discussion about threads from our home page if you want to know more about the threads we carry and why. And don't forget, you must match your thread to your needle for best results from your sewing machine. We carry the right needles for each of the threads we carry in bulk packs rather than mixed so you don't end up with sizes you won't use. For cotton you will want a sharp needle and Universals are not sharp. Sharps, Denims, and Embroidery needles are all sharp. And, with decorative threads a #14 Top-stitch needle will always be your best best. Make sure you have a good supply of needles.

Bobbin Box and/or Bobbins
The Bobbin Box holds 21 bobbins and is only 3" x 6" in size. We are using it to store only our Aurifil wound bobbins so we don't mix them with others.

After discovering the box, we then started looking and learning about bobbins and discovered these quality bobbins by Euro-Notions. They are made in Germany with the highest quality nickel-plated steel to the exact specifications of the sewing machine manufacturers. At this time we are carrying 5 different bobbins - 2 - Bernina - one that fits most Bernina from numbers 530 through 1530 (5.5 mm throat plate openings - rotary bobbin hooks, not scillating) and the other that fits the Bernina 1630, 180 and 185; Elna - fits most; Pfaff - fits most, including those that use plastic and Viking - Fits most.

If you prefer plastic bobbins, including those for Janome. The plastic bobbins are a little less expensive and we can special order them for you. Just call 208.345.5567 or email us,

Ref # Not_BobbinBx

Empty Bobbin Box ea $5.95
Bobbin Box with 30 - 1630 Bernina Bobbins ea $84.49
Bobbin Box with 30 Elna Bobbins ea $49.99
Bobbin Box with 30 Pfaff Bobbins ea $49.99
Bobbin Box with 30 Viking Bobbins ea $49.99
30 - 1630 Bernina Bobbins Only ea $79.98
30 Elna Bobbins Only ea $45.00
30 Pfaff Bobbins Only ea $45.00
30 Viking Bobbins Only ea $45.00
1 Pk of 5 - 1630 Bernina Bobbins ea $13.95
1 Pk of 5 Elna Bobbins ea $7.95
1 Pk of 5 Pfaff Bobbins ea $7.95
1 Pk of 5 Viking Bobbins ea $7.95

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