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Slimline Thread Storage Box - Holds 104 - Arrives Empty
Since this clear plastic container holds 104 SMALL SPOOLS, we don't consider it absolutely perfect for storage of our growing Aurifil Collection, but we do like its versatility. (We may need two, as there are a total of 176 colors!) Spools can be easily removed and won't fall out. They are clearly visible and it can be stored closed or open. It is free standing partially opened near your work space or fully opened and hung on a wall. Organize your thread by number or color. So perfect for storage, display, carrying or organizing. (Weighs only 4 lbs when filled and remember although the photo shows the box filled with thread, if you order, it will arrive empty.)

Now there is a larger one which holds the Larger spools - 1422 yards and we will add it to the website as soon as it arrives.

LARGE SPOOLS - There is a larger case for larger spools, but they don't fit perfectly. We aren't really crazy about it, but we are always on the look out for something we love and will offer it as soon as we do.

(POSTAGE - If you order this product, we will charge actual postage. Although these are light they do require special packaging. If you order other items, the postage chart may reflect the actual postage charged, however we might have to change that because of the size box we'll need to post this.)
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Ref # Not1_Slimline           
Slimline Thread Storage Box, actual shipping costs will be added ea $26.95


Bobbin Box and/or Bobbins
The Bobbin Box holds 21 bobbins and is only 3" x 6" in size. We are using it to store only our Aurifil wound bobbins so we don't mix them with others.

After discovering the box, we then started looking and learning about bobbins and discovered these quality bobbins by Euro-Notions. They are made in Germany with the highest quality nickel-plated steel to the exact specifications of the sewing machine manufacturers. At this time we are carrying 5 different bobbins - 2 - Bernina - one that fits most Bernina from numbers 530 through 1530 (5.5 mm throat plate openings - rotary bobbin hooks, not scillating) and the other that fits the Bernina 1630, 180 and 185; Elna - fits most; Pfaff - fits most, including those that use plastic and Viking - Fits most.

If you prefer plastic bobbins, including those for Janome. The plastic bobbins are a little less expensive and we can special order them for you. Just call 208.345.5567 or email us,
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Ref # Not_BobbinBx           
Empty Bobbin Box ea $5.95
Bobbin Box with 30 - 1630 Bernina Bobbins ea $84.49
Bobbin Box with 30 Elna Bobbins ea $49.99
Bobbin Box with 30 Pfaff Bobbins ea $49.99
Bobbin Box with 30 Viking Bobbins ea $49.99
30 - 1630 Bernina Bobbins Only ea $79.98
30 Elna Bobbins Only ea $45.00
30 Pfaff Bobbins Only ea $45.00
30 Viking Bobbins Only ea $45.00
1 Pk of 5 - 1630 Bernina Bobbins ea $13.95
1 Pk of 5 Elna Bobbins ea $7.95
1 Pk of 5 Pfaff Bobbins ea $7.95
1 Pk of 5 Viking Bobbins ea $7.95


Sewing Machine Flash Drive
How cute is this?!!! This is a Flash Drive! It holds 4GB (gigabytes) of memory. Great to store your PDF patterns and/or embroidery files (depending on space). It's also a great way to transport files for printing if you prefer to have hard copies of your patterns.
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Ref # FlashDr_           
Flash Drive Sewing Machine pink ea $24.99
Flash Drive Sewing Machine lilac ea $24.99
For Mystery Sample Shuffle patterns - Flash Drive Sewing Machine pink ea $25.99
For Mystery Sample Shuffle patterns - Flash Drive Sewing Machine lilac ea $25.99


Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Thread Bag
Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede and a zipper across the top. To use, open the zipper and place spools of thread across the row. Before closing the zipper, thread a strand of thread from a spool and then take the needle through the ultra suede. Now when you hand applique you can place the bag beside you and simply pull the tail of thread that is outside the pocket.
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Ref # Not_KKBBag      $35.00 ea         Quantity:  

Design Wall - Portable, Free Standing
Cheryl Ann's Portable Free Standing Design Wall 2 colors! Fully portable, small, light weight, easy to assemble. Carrying case included.

This will give you 36 square feet of work area. It is a 72" square of flannel in either white or neutral gray. Only needs 3 feet by 6 feet of floor space. If you have never used a design wall and don't really have a place for one or go to classes where you need one, you will love it! Weighs less than 5 pounds. Quality fiber glass rods and molded fittings snap together like modern day tent poles. Definitely a worthwhile treat!

Another use: Works great as screen for projecting slides, power point or otherwise.

NEW OPTION: By popular demand, those who have the large design wall have asked for 2 - 18" stabilization poles! They are here if you think you need them.

If you have an entire wall in your sewing room that you could cover with flannel, check out our Design Wall Grid flannel,
Click Here.
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    Click here to see back of wall
Ref # DesignWall           
72" Square Design Wall - White ea $160.99
72" Square Foot Design Wall - Gray ea $160.99
Optional Stabilization bars ea $18.00


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