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Fabrique-Istan - 26 wonderful pieces - 5 pattern designs - 3 bilaterally symmetrical fabrics and 2 great coordinates. On Paula's website this is what she says about Fabrique-Istan: "QUESTION: Does one need a passport to get to FABRIQUE-ISTAN? Or is it a euphemism for the state of creativity sparked when a quilter becomes one with her stash, igniting epiphanies in cloth worthy of a new project."

K333 Scroll Olive-Purple

FABRIQUE-ISTAN, designed by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex, includes 3 pieces that are bilaterally symmetrical patterns composed of motifs that are the exact duplicates of one another, and 2 others, such as this Scroll, are her blendy, all around pattern coordinates.

Paula says: "Very simply put, “Scroll” (3144) is one of the 2 best nondirectional, allover patterns I’ve ever designed. I apologize if that sounds self-aggrandizing but the very first time I got to use them in a quilt, I was thrilled. The patterns are fun to use, wonderful mediators!"

Ref # K333

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