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Still of the Night

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We consider this to be quite a unique collection from Hoffman California Fabrics - Still of the Night. What makes it so unusual - well the owls for a start. Snowy Owls spreading their wings in a magical and wintery snowy night. But admittedly its the coordinates that make this collection - feathers and birch trees filled with wonderful visual texture.

H2016 Winged Feathers Gray
Truly this new Hoffman design just takes our breath away. From the Still of the Night Collection Winged Feathers Gray is a fabulous coordinate. The movement of the wings and the visual texture, no words. This just looks like a mass of wings from the owls curving around and tightly bunched together in shades of white, gray and black with a light silver metallic outline.

The owls and branches are outlined in a light silver metallic. The Snowy Owls are done in shades of gray and white or brown and white. They range in size and also depends whether they're wings are outspread in flight or sitting - 4 1/4" to 5".

Here is a coordinates to this collection:

And here is a fabric that would also work well:

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Ref # H2016_anchor      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

H2018 Feathers Brown
Truly this new Hoffman collection just takes our breath away. From the Still of the Night Collection Feathers Brown is simply a unique and wonderful coordinate to this collection. Have to admit it's a bit hard to describe. It is the feathers of an owls body (most likely) - sort of arranged like scales of a fish, though these clearly look like feathers -haha. And there are areas that might be the underside/belly of the owl with white and gray streaks. The feathers are in shades of gray and tipped in brown and silver metallic

There is lots of visual texture and a bit of movement too.

Coordinates to this collection:

And here are some fabrics that would look nice with the full collection:

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Ref # H2018      $11.30 yd         Quantity:  

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