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We carry a wide variety of both hand and machine needles for all your quilting needs. From applique to embroidery, to piecing, to quilting whether by hand or machine. Find your favorite needle here - Foxglove, Mary Arden, John James, Richard Hemming, Clover Black/Gold, Schmetz and so much more.

Hiroshima Embroidery Needles
Assorted Sharp Tip

High quality needles made in Japan. These needles are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing. Contains 2 Needles Each of Sizes #7, #8, #9 & #10 Sharp Tip.
Ref # Not_HiroEmb

Assorted Hiroshima Embroidery Needles pack of 6 ea $8.50
One each of All Hiroshima Needles, 6 packages. Appliqué #10, #11; Quilting Betweens 10, 12; Millners & Embroidery ea $49.95
#10 Hiroshima Applique Needles pack of 6 ea $8.50
#11 Hiroshima Applique Needles pack of 6 ea $8.50
Assorted Hiroshima Millners Needles pack of 6 ea $8.50

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