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Crazy Curves Continues
By Elisa Wilson, this book incorporates rotary cutting, acrylic templates and eacy piecing with the charm of curves. The book contains detailed step by step photos of the process making these quilts anyone can make.

Order the Templates for even simpler processing of the pieces.
For the templates, Click Here.

Sale--was 24.95

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    Click here to see "Sphere of Influence"

Ref # Bk_Crazy2      $12.47 ea         Quantity:  

Design Explorations
Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter by Katie Pasquini Masopust is Katie's latest and sure to inspire the artist within you!

Explore 10 approaches to designing art quilts, from shapes to lines to repetition and more. Techniques work for everyone from beginner to advanced. "Clearly and simply explained, Katie's approach to abstract design can make even the most novice art quilter feel confident and inspired."
Sale--was 24.95

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    Click here to see Organic Fantasy by Kay Young

Ref # Bk_DeExp      $12.47 ea         Quantity:  

Crazy Patchwork by Alice Wilhoit
Commemorate births, birthdays, weeings, anniversaries, graduations and more!

Create a basic foundation-pieced crazy patch block with fabrics representing any one of the 12 months' gemstone and flower, then embellish it with style - your style, the style of those you love, the style of the receipient.

Use laces, trims, ribbons, buttons, beads, charms, trinkets and more to make one-of-a-kind quilts everyone will love.

Alice shows you how to make all the beautiful stitches we see and love on crazy quilts.
Sale--was 24.95

    4" Actual Size
    Click here to see Quil from Gallery

Ref # Bk_CrazyPW      $12.47 ea         Quantity:  

DVD - Hand and Machine Applique The Karen Buckley Way
This DVD covers ALL of Karen's tips and tricks for both hand and machine applique. All the supplies you need, making templates, smooth curves, perfect circles, stems, shadowing and reverse applique. Watch and learn whenever it is convenient for YOU!

The DVD contains 120 minutes of instruction by Karen Kay Buckley.

Sale--was 29.95

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Ref # DVD_Buckley      $14.97 ea         Quantity:  

DVD - Carol Doak Teaches You to Paper Piece
Learn from your favorite Paper-Piecing Master! Carol shows you every step including helpful close-ups. Lots of tips on supplies, tools and tricks for success. Watch and learn whenever it is convenient for YOU!

The DVD contains 90 minutes of instruction by Carol Doak.

Sale--was 19.95

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Ref # DVD_Doak      $9.97 ea         Quantity:  

DVD - Alex Anderson Teaches You to Start Quilting
Take a private class in your own home from award-winning author, teacher and television personality. Learn all the fundamentals of making quilts-tools, fabrics, cutting, stitching, piecing, quilting. Alex defines quilting terms, shows you simple techniques to get started. She will also take you on a personal tour of her studio and favorite quilt shop.

The DVD contains 75 minutes of instruction by Alex Anderson.

Sale--was 14.95

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Ref # DVD_Anderson      $7.47 ea         Quantity:  

Inchie Ruler Tape
Easy, Accurate Guide for Quilting, Crafting, Painting and More! Handy, repositionable adhesive strips marked in 1/4" increments for easy measuring.
For Perfect Alignment of Machine Quilting Designs every time!

Inspired by Charlotte Warr Andersen's book, One Line At A Time!

Sale--was 10.95

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Ref # Not_Inchie      $5.47 ea         Quantity:  

The Rest is Easy
Brenda Henning

Twelve exciting quilt patterns that are constructed using triangle foundation grids from the Triangulations 2.0 disc.

Cover quilt is called Fireworks and is fun to make. We have seen it made in many versions and they are all beautiful. Shown in batiks.

The other photo shows Clown from page 39. We love all the white space, perfect for fancy quilting!
Sale--was 24.00

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    Click here to one project from the book

Ref # Bk_RestEasy      $12.00 ea         Quantity:  

Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts
By Cyndy Lyle Rymer with Lynn Koolish Warning! Creating images on fabric can be addictive!

This must-have guide to transforming and printing your favorite images on fabric includes 13 innovative projects with step-by-step instructions and inspiring digital techniques.

The book begins with a great chapter on equipment, supplies and image-editing software and ends with a gallery of more than 40 entries selected for the Innovative Fabric Imagery special exhibit at International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, 2007.
Sale--was 27.95

    Book Cover
    Click here to see Gramsie

Ref # Bk_Innov      $15.00 ea         Quantity:  

Fusing Fun! Fast Fearless Art Quilts
Only $12.00

By Laura Wasilowski. "The School of Fusing isn't a real edifice; it's a state of mind. It's a belief that fusing is an easy means to a glorious end, the art quilt."
Art quilts that YOU can create with little sewing. This book by Laura Wasilowski contains 7 projects and a whole gallery of ideas using your favorite fabrics and fusible web.

The quilts in the gallery include pieces done by artists such as Ann Fahl, Emily Parson, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Sue Benner, Melody Johnson, Cindy Walter and Jane Sassman.
Sale--was 24.95

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    Click here to see Abstract Shuffle

Ref # Bk_FusingFun      $12.47 ea         Quantity:  

Show Me How To Plan My Quilting
By Kathy Sandbach. Design Machine quilting that enhances your pieceing and applique from the very start! 6 complete quilt porjects and more than 30 quilting designs. Kathy has been quilting on her home sewing machine for many years and has developed fun and easy patterns for any level of skill.
Sale--was 19.95

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    Click here to see back cover

Ref # Bk_Plan      $9.97 ea         Quantity:  

Dye Day Workbook
25% Off

By Ellen Anne Eddy. She takes you thorugh a short course on color theory and sponge dyeing. Legendary for her light sources, sunsets, ponds, lakes, forests and swamps all within the dyeing itself. Ellen gives you the information you need to dye your own amazing fabrics. Complete with sources, how to's and dye charts.
    4" Actual Size Scan

Ref # Bk_DyeDay      $20.00 ea         Quantity:  

Creative Classics
By Laura Leet Fritz. Recharge the old favorites with 250 playful new continuous-line variations on 5 classic quilting motifs. Laura Lee gives us new ways to stitch old favorites. The chapter titles, clowing around with the clamshell, worldly waves, scintillating serpentines, be-bop the baptist fan, flaunting the feathers, give you an idea of which patterns she elaborates. Fun and interesting!

Sale--was 21.95

    Book Cover

Ref # Bk_CreativeClassic      $10.97 ea         Quantity:  

Ruth B McDowell's
A Fabric Journey

By Ruth B McDowell. We admit it! We are eager fans of Ruth's! If you aren’t someone who likes to READ your quilt books this may not be a book for you. Nor are there patterns! But she does share her insights into the design process, from inspiration through the final stitch. It says we can learn to combine patterned fabrics into a colorful pieced surface, plan borders, choose colors and make quilting and design decisions. We aren’t so sure, but regardless we can see up close and very personally how Ruth goes about it. It is a treasure for those of us who love fabric and love the way she is able to produce one wonderful quilt after another. It is like fine chocolate, it doesn’t disappoint!
Sale--was 25.95

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Ref # Bk_FabJou      $12.97 ea         Quantity:  

Ruth B McDowell's
When Quilters Gather

By Ruth B McDowell. We admit it! We are eager fans of Ruth's! This book contains 20 patterns of Piecers at Play. You won't believe your eyes when you see this incredible collection of pieced quilt blocks from quilt artist Ruth B. McDowell! When Quilters Gather celebrates quiltmakers: who we are, how we work, and our passion for what we do.

Sale--was 27.95

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Ref # Bk_QltGather      $13.97 ea         Quantity:  

Paintstik Inspirations! with Laura Murray
Learn how Laura Murray can transform virtually any fabric or paper surface with fabulous color and texture. An award winning quilter, author, teacher and surface designer, Laura has taught thousands how to use Paintstiks. This video provide comprehensive demonstrations that include, rubbings, blenders, shading, masking, foiling and more.

For our selection of Shiva Paintstiks, books DVD, patterns, supplies and more,
Click Here!

We love the rubbing plates they offer for this technique, Leaves is one favorite. Stencils such as Wavey Squares are also easy to use.

    Book Cover
    Click here to see Scrollwork Quilt
Ref # DVD_Paintstik           
Paintstick Insprirations DVD --was 29.95 ea $ 14.97
Design Magic Stencil 701 Birch Leaves --was 10.95 ea $ 5.47
Design Magic Stencil 703 Oak Leaves --was 10.95 ea $ 5.47
Design Magic Stencil 709 Fractured-X --was 9.95 ea $ 4.97
Design Magic Stencil 710 Wavy Squares --was 9.95 ea $ 4.97


The Art of Embroidery
By Mary Englebreit. Transform Mary Engelbreit's illustrations into fabulous home accents with these easy embroidery projects. Give new dimension to every room in your home with embroidered wall art, tea towels, napkins, pillows, and more. Also, learn how to make a floral picture mat, chair back cover, sachet and other textiles more colorful with permanent markers. Whether you sew your own accessories or add embroidery to purchased items, Mary's embellishing will give your home her designer style.
Sale--was 10.95

    Book Cover
    Click here to see Stitched Photo Mat

Ref # Bk_ArtEmb      $5.47 ea         Quantity:  

Quilted Fairie Tales
By Linda M Poole. Woodland imps dance in the moonlight, clever elves tiptoe through the flowers, and a cute pixie flirts from her Corvette. It is all part of Linda M. Poole's world of Quilted Fairie Tales. Linda provides eleven basic 'fairie' appliqué patterns, but the fairy tale does not end there. Appliqué enthusiasts will delight inbringing these fanciful patterns to life with stories of their own. The author has also provided a lot of extra prop patterns to accompany the fairies on theirjourneys. Not so long ago, not too far away, the Quilted Fairie Tales began - on the Internet. Wizard Linda (the author) sent forth a call for quilters to joinher on her magical mission - to create fairies in fabric, accompanied by fanciful tales. The call was answered, and a number of those quilts and stories are included in the book. Several of these delightful quilts with their stories are now part of the 'Quilted Fairie Tales' exhibit of 50 pieces, which debuted at the AQS Quilt Exposition in Nashville. The traveling exhibit has a busy schedule ahead. For those who love fairies, storytelling, embellishing, appliquéing, and quilting, this charming collection of patterns is perfect.

Eleven creative fairies sprinkle delightful tales and enchantment over these charming quilts. Appliqued favorites come to life with your favorite applique method. Full-sized patterns and instructions for freezer-paper techniques are given. Helpful hints are dusted through the pages.

Mix and match to create your own wonderfully magical quilts. Add embellishments for textured interest.
Sale--was 19.95

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    Click here to see one project idea

Ref # Bk_QltFairie      $9.97 ea         Quantity:  

Amazing Angelina Booklet
Only $7.00

Amazing is the perfect word for this magical heat bondable polyester fiber! This book by Betty Blais contains 5 projects to help you start on your personal creative journey. A dozen projects featured in the book's gallery for additional inspiration.
Sale--was 12.95

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    Click here for larger detailed image

Ref # Bk_AmazAng      $6.47 ea         Quantity:  

Stitch Tool
Embroidery & Crazy Quilt

This is a "must have" book for anyone that does stitch work/embroidery. Stitch Tool by Judith Baker Montano offers over 180 different stitches and combinations. There are also tips for what needles to use, thread, ribbon and even what fabric is appropriate. And the great thing about this book -- it shows you how to do the stitch if you are right-handed or left-handed!!

This book is also put together on a spiral so it will "tent" out and sit up and open for you to look at/keep referring to as you are teaching yourself a particular stitch.
Sale--was 22.95

    Larger Image

Ref # StitchTool_bk      $11.47 ea         Quantity:  

Texture Magic
Magically texturize your fabric using only your steam iron!

Steam-activated shrinking fabric. Simple sew Texture Magic to the back of your fabric, apply steam, and the fabric magically shrinks approximately 30%, creating a beautiful textured effect. Size: 47" x 18". Detailed instructions included.

Buy this last pack of Texture Magic and we will send the Celebrate Quilt Pattern FREE!

For a large project, we are now carrying 5 yard pieces of Texture Magic!

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    Click here to see pattern
Ref # Not_TextMagic           
Celebrate Quilt Pattern --was 8.95 ea $ 4.47
Yard pack of Texture Magic --was 23.50 ea $ 11.75
5 yards of Texture Magic --was 117.50 ea $ 58.75


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