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Super Supplies Category includes our Clover Ball Point Awl
our Deluxe Seam Ripper.

Spend $175+, receive FREE SHIPPING*! (*US only. International will receive “in kind” shipping credit)

To this category we often add items that don't seem to fit anywhere else. Our Clover Ball Point Awl is one of those. It is the best Seam Ripper we have ever used! Others include the Microbrushes for cleaning the sewing machine, Perfect Circles in two sizes and much more. To see all our Super Supplies just Click Here.

Soft and Stable
Soft and Stable. . .For Bags and Beyond. Superior to battings and other stabilizers, it is soft and comfortable. Lightweight and easy to sew. Great lasting body and stability -- maintains shape. Washer and Dryer Safe. Available in black or white. 100% polyster. 18"x58"
Ref # Not_SoftStable           
Soft and Stable - White ea $11.95
Soft and Stable - Black ea $11.95


Colorscope - Color Selector
Although this is actually a Kaleidoscope, what we love about it is you can look at a stack of fabric (or anything else) and see what the colors look like mixed together. We think it is perfect for quilters. We first sold 2 - to a grandmother (quilter): one for her and one for her grandaughter. Won't they have fun with together! (It is 5 1/4" long and 5/8" in diameter.)
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Ref # Not_Colorscope5      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

Ball Point Awl - Deluxe Seam Ripper
This Clover awl is great for removing machine stitches, ripping or reverse stitching - whatever you prefer to call it. It slips quickly under the threads without catching the fabric, then with a small tug rips out a number of stitches without distorting the fabric. Although we don't like to rip, with this tool it happens fast!

For our extensive notions category,
Click Here.

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Ref # Not_BallPoint_Awl_      $10.25 ea         Quantity:  

Leaf Its
No bulky thimble! Each package contains 70 dots.

For our extensive notions category,
Click Here.

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Ref # Not_LeafIts      $6.85 ea         Quantity:  

Heat-N-Bond Ultra Hold - 17" x 1 yd pack
This heavy duty fusible is designed for wearable arts, holiday decorations and home decor projects. We keep it in stock for use with our No Sew Fabric Bags Pattern,
Click Here.

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_HNB      $2.99 each         Quantity:  

Poly-Pellet Beads by Fairfield
100% polypropylene weighted stuffing material that adds the flexibility necessary to shape soft crafts into lifelike positions. Each pellet has a smooth edge with oval contour to create a uniform fill. Poly-Pellets combine easily with Poly-Fil fibers.

A 2 pound bag of these is $10.95 plus postage and would stuff a medium sized animal or doll. They are heavy, so, if you can find them locally, you might want to do so. In our case, we are using the pellets to weight the bottom of Positively Pin Cushions and each one requires 1/2 cup. In a 2 pound bag there are 6 3/4 cups, so we are selling these for $1.75 per cup.

    Larger Image
Ref # Not_PolyPellet           
2 pounds Poly-Pellets ea $10.95
Per cup of Poly-Pellets ea $1.75


Clearly Perfect Angles
Template easily "clings" to acrylic sewing tables. Always in position and ready to sew accurate 45 degree angles. All without paper, pencils or pins!

Color coded for easy use. Save time and money! 1/4" and 5/8" seam guides.

Use to make:Triangle Squares, Flying Geese, Snow Balls, miters and binding.

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_ClearAngle      $11.00 each         Quantity:  

100 ft Cotton Clothesline
Poly-reinforced cotton clothesline as recommended from book for making baskets as seen in the book, "It's a Wrap" which has been the hottest new technique we have tried. These baskets are a perfect way to use pre-cut strips like Bali Pops, our Pound O Strips, or just to clean up some of your stash! You will find these to be a bit addictive and you will probably want to make several. Perfect to use as gifts, cat beds, magazine baskets and more.

For the book on wrapped baskets, It's A Wrap,
Click Here.

Patterns for Bali Boxes, Bags and Bowls will inspire you even more!
Click Here.

To see all the colors of Bali Pops available,
Click Here.

For our Pound of Strips,
Click Here.

Shipping on the clothesline may vary due to its size and weight.
    4" Actual Size Scan
Ref # Not_WDLine           
100 ft Cotton Clothesline ea $6.79
It's a Wrap Book ea $19.95
Pound O'Strips ea $16.50
Glue Stick ea $2.39
5 Glue Sticks ea $11.50


Sulky Sampler Packet - 16 Sheets 8" x 10"
Choosing the right stablilizer just got easier wiht Sulky's color-coded packaging. Descriptive icons designate the four basic stabilizer categories that are defined by the way in which they are removed.
This pack includes 16 8in x 10in sheets of the different types of Cut Away, Tear Away, Wash Away and Heat Away stabilizers.

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_SulkySamp      $10.00 ea         Quantity:  

Sulky Totally Stable Iron-On, Tear-Away Stabilizer - 20" x 36" sheet
Totally stabilize virtually any fabric in seconds with no time-consuming pinning. Eliminates annoying shifting, sliding and puckering of fabric. Excess then tears away easily, leaving no sticky residue.
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Ref # Not_Stable      $2.49 ea         Quantity:  

Mini Seam Fix Seam Ripper
A mini version of the newest idea in un-sewing! Each seam ripper has a sharp blade, safety ball & lid. Special plastic material grabs removes excess threads from fabric. Click on the link under the photo to see the seam ripper in action.

These make great gifts for all your quilting friends! We have purple, pink and lemon - we will pick one for you!

For our extensive notions category,
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    Click here for more detail

Ref # Not_SeamFixMini      $3.49 ea         Quantity:  

Fray Check
Whether you sew or not, this is a great product to have on hand! It is a liquid seam sealant that prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. It is washable and dry cleanable. 3/4 fluid ounce (22.5ml). Near the completion of a competition quilt, I once snipped the top. I treated the snip with Fray Check and went on to win Best of Show. It is life saver when you need it! Keep it on hand!
    Larger Image

Ref # Not_FrayChk      $5.79 ea         Quantity:  

Microbrushes - 25 Pack
Keeping your sewing machine clean is one of the best maintenance habits you can have and what better to do it with than a microfiber brush.

The tiny little microfiber brushes will fit into even the tightest places and clean and lift the lint without leaving residue. Microbrushes bend easily to any angle for placement of small controlled access. Each pack contains 25 brushes so you can always keep a fresh one on hand and share them with others! We know our husbands will find lots of uses for these as well!

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Ref # Not_Microbrush      $4.29 ea         Quantity:  

Perfect Shape No Melt Template Plastic
Trace applique shapes onto Perfect Shape plastic. Cut fabric 1/4" larger all around and apply sizing to edges. Use a dry iron, medium setting. Press seam allowances over the edge of the template to produce smooth curves and perfect points!

Package contains 4 sheets of 9" x 12" Heat Resistant Material for Press-Around Templates.

Will not melt, will not buckle!

    Large Image

Ref # Not_SE1PerfectShape      $9.25 ea         Quantity:  

5-in-1 Sliding Gauge
For all sewers and quilters, a multi-functional sliding gauge for easy marking! This handy tool from Clover has been used by Nancy Zieman who calls it her go-to sewing notion! Versatile and accurate, this tool will measure, mark and create!

The five uses include:
• Spacing and Marking - Instantly has 1/8", 1/4", 6", 5/8" clearly on this tool. Great for both sewers and quilters.
• Seam Allowance Gauge
• Hem/binding Gauge - this is my "go to" tool always for measuring/pinning both a hem or a binding.
Circle Compass - who needs to find that right size cup to make your circle template. Use this gauge instead.
• "T" Square Gauge
• It is adjustable and easy to use! Just click on the button, it moves in 1/8" increments. Locks down when you remove your finger for the adjustment.

Check out this video to better understand and see all of its wonderful functions!

For our entire notions category,
Click Here.

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Ref # Not_SlideGauge      $14.50 ea         Quantity:  

Singer 221 & 301 Bobbins
Package of 3 bobbins for Singer Featherweights. Models 221 & 301.

For the perfect box to store your bobbins Click Here.

For the perfect thread, our Aurifil 50W 2Ply, Click Here.

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_SingBob      $1.99 ea         Quantity:  

Tiger Tape for Perfect Stitches & More
Tiger Tape has been around quite a while but recently a member introduced us to a new use for it. Her mother-in-law had a stroke and Tiger Tape helped her retrain her brain to sew. Our member has been using it for years, so it was natural for her to think of it. We thought this was information that should be passed around.

We too have had personal experience with it. Having spent most of our quilting lives trying to make our stitches smaller, we discovered when hand-stitching with decorative threads, they needed to be larger and the tape helped us retrain our brain to make them larger. Furthermore, we just laid it where we wanted to stitch and didn’t bother to mark the quilt.

Tiger Tape comes in a number of sizes. First, it is a lined quilter’s tape marked at either 4 or 12 lines per inch to be used as a guide for evenly spaced stitches - 1/4 inch wide. There is also a Flex tape which is great for gentle curves or 1/4" Wide 4 to the inch "Utility" stitching. And lastly, Big Stitch style - 1/4" wide and marked for big stitch - great for using with our Presencia Perle Cotton Size #8 thread. All rolls are 30 yards. Remember, no marking required.

Great for blanket stitching, cross hatching, Flex for cables and feathers. We understand it is often used for teaching children hand-eye coordination learned by sewing.
    4" Actual Size Scan
Ref # TigerTape           
1/4" Wide - 4 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/4" Wide - 12 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/16" Wide - Flex Tape - 12 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/4" Wide - Big Stitch Style ea $9.45
One of Each - 4 Total each $37.00


Fusible Bias Tape Makers from Clover
Clover Fusible Bias Tape Makers are suitable for heat sensitive adhesive tape. Make bias tape from any material you like. Simply combine fabric of your choice with Fusible Web and iron on. Set heat sensitive adhesive tape in the upper groove and a piece of material cut on the bias in the lower groove. By pulling the two at the same time and ironing them, you can easily make bias tape that can be temporarily bonded using an iron. Complete instructions included.

Sizes available - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2". The 2 smaller sizes use the 5mm tape and the 1/2" larger sizes use the 10mm tape.
    Larger Image
    See larger view of one tape maker
Ref # Not_BiasTapeMakers           
1/4" Fusible Bias Tape Maker ea $7.50
3/8" Fusible Bias Tape Maker ea $7.50
1/2" Fusible Bias Tape Maker ea $7.99
5 mm Fusible Tape - 1/4"x 40 ft ea $4.20
10 mm Fusible Tape - 1/2"x 40 ft ea $4.45


Colorscope - Color Selector
Although this is actually a Kaleidoscope, what we love about it is you can look at a stack of fabric (or anything else) and see what the colors look like mixed together. We think it is perfect for quilters. We first sold 2 - to a grandmother (quilter): one for her and one for her grandaughter. Won't they have fun with together! (It is 5 1/4" long and 5/8" in diameter.)
    Larger Image

Ref # Not_Colorscope5      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

Travel Case Pattern
An ideal gift for a quilter! The first one may take an evening but after that they go even faster and if you want to mass produce them, you may! Great for gifts and bazaars. Why not add your favorite tool or tools? Here are ours:

Clover Ball Point Awl - If we could demonstrate this for you, you would wonder how you lived without it! It makes a wonderful seam ripper and with our eyes aging, the timing was perfect!

Small Olfa Cutting Mat - 6” x 8” and even if you don’t need to cut it makes a great work surface.

Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter - This cutter is the one that allows you to cut, free hand or anytime you want to cut through one layer.

Omnigrid 1x6” Ruler - CG Non-slip 4½” Square Ruler - Well, if we are going to carry an Olfa Mat and Cutter we have to have a ruler. We carry two!

Thin Water-Erasable Fabric Marker
Grey & Yellow Pencils
The marking tools we most often use at our fingertips!

For more information on any item and to see a picture see the Notions Category or do a Catalog Keyword Search.
    Larger Image
Ref # 1206TravCase           
Travel Case Pattern ea $5.00
Clover Ball Point Awl ea $10.25
Small Olfa Cutting Mat ea $5.89
Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter ea $10.98
Omnigrid 1x6" Ruler ea $4.49
Creative Grid Non-slip 4 1/2" Square Ruler ea $9.99
Blue Line Thin Water-Erasable Fabric Marker ea $4.29
Grey and Yellow Pencils ea $4.29


Studio Color Wheel Poster
Inspired by the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, the Studio Color Wheel is a 28" x 28" double-sided poster that you can display on the wall of your sewing room or studio. This beautiful color reference poster is based on the Ives Color Wheel and makes a great at-a-glance companion to the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool. Includes complete instructions on how to use the wheel and ideal for anyone who uses color in their work.

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_ColorWheelPoster      $9.95 ea         Quantity:  

Needle Tool
Needle Tool for Sewing Machine and Hand Needles. One end can be used for changing your needle. The other end anc be used for threading any type of needle. Complete instructions are included!

To see our extensive Notions Category, Click Here.

    Larger Picture

Ref # Not_M012Tool      $5.00 ea         Quantity:  

Color Wheel Mixing Guide
Be color confident! Use this handy little tool to help coordinate colors that will make your quilt beautiful. This color wheel provides a simple visual aid for illustrating and teaching color relationships. Pick a starting color, point to the chosen color with any geometric shape on wheel and match the value numbers for harmonious color combinations.
    Larger Image

Ref # Not_LgColor      $6.29 ea         Quantity:  

Qtools Sewing Edge
This is great to place on your sewing machine as a guide well to help you sew consistently and straight with this reusable stop. It is thicker than the Cutting Edge tool, so your fabric won't slip over the edge. And because it is repositionable you'll have time to make adjustments before the needle rather than at the needle.

There are 5 strips per package.

If you're interested in the Cutting Edge tool Click here. This tool is great to use as a guide along your ruler to help you cut consistently and straight.

    Larger Image

Ref # Qtools_Sewing_Edge      $8.95 ea         Quantity:  

Cutting Edge Tool
Keep your cuts perfect with less eye-strain! Simply adhere these vinyl strips along your ruler at the measurement you are cutting and easily see you mark every cut!

To see our extensive Notions Category, Click Here.

    Larger Picture

Ref # Not_CutEdge      $8.95 ea         Quantity:  

Wool Ironing Mat
This is a 100% wool ironing mat and it is fabulous!!! Worth every penny.

Why wool? This 1/2" density of 100% tightly felted wool ironing mat retains heat, so when you iron your fabric it's essentially ironing from both sides at the same time!

You can create an ironing station anywhere. And because it is 1/2" thick in density it will provide extra protection for any ironing surface.

Here are a few - Tips and Tricks:

•The pressing mat can be used with a dry iron on any surface. If using steam, place the mat on a protected surface since moisture does go through the mat and can harm the surface below.
•Never place the mat on a rotary cutting mat when pressing. The heat could warp the cutting mat.
•If mat feels damp after use, hang to air-dry before storing.
•Wash the mat occasionally by rinsing it in cold water and hanging the mat until dry – especially if using a spray starch.

We carry it in 2 sizes. A very travel friendly size, 9" square. And a larger piece, 17" x 24", that you can use for both appliqué and quilt block piecing projects as you sew.

Note: Due to its size, additional (actual) postage will be applied to the larger 17" x 24" wool ironing mat. Normal shipping charges will be applied to the 9" square mat.
    Larger Image
Ref # not_woolmat           
9" square Wool Ironing Mat ea $18.99
17" x 24" Wool Ironing Mat, actual postage will be applied ea $69.99


120" Tape Measure
As a quilter, when you need it, this is an invaluable tool. Most tape measures are not this long. This one is extra wide with large type and metal ends. Make sure your quilting friends have one too!
    Larger Image

Ref # Not_120Tape      $3.99 ea         Quantity:  

Insul-Fleece is a metalized Mylar layered between polyester fleece to create a high-quality barrier that reflects heat or cold. This special combination of materials is very flexible and easy to sew through. Once you have sewn it into your project, you can machine wash, tumble dry, and iron with no bunching (low to medium heat settings are recommended). A handy 3/4-yard cut is enough for a large lunch bag or several potholders.


The perfect insulated interfacing for sewing...

• Lunch bags
• Teapot & casserole covers
• Ironing board covers
• Oven mitts & potholders
• Quilted blankets
• Water bottle & coffee cup sleeves
• Shopping bags (keep that ice cream cold on the way home!)

    Larger Image

Ref # InFlce_not      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Finger Cots
Finger Cots are latex tissue. Very thin and flexible. Great for helping you grip the needle while hand-sewing - appliqué, quilting, putting on bindings, etc. There are 10 in each package.
    Larger Image
Ref # not_FngCt           
Finger Cots size - Medium ea $3.50
Finger Cots size - Large ea $3.50


Handi Bobs
So you've found the perfect match for a top thread and your bobbin thread for a particular project you're working on. Whether it's just a perfect match in color, or different thread weights for the top and the bottom - whatever the combination, it works for you and you like it. Then you move onto another project for a while. Now you're ready to return to the original project - and dang it, if you can't remember (or can't find) those threads again!

Well, now try Handi Bobs. Great to pair your spool and bobbin together. This is an easy to use gadgets that keep your bobbins and matching thread spool together for easy storage.

There are 3 to a package.

    Larger Image

Ref # handibob_not      $2.99 ea         Quantity:  

Sew Straight
This is probably one of my most favorite tools (besides the rotary cutter). All you do is stick it onto the bed of your sewing machine, positioning it under the needle as directed. Then away you go. You will sew a straight 1/4" seam every time!

Save time with Sew Straight by Quilt in a Day by sewing unmarked diagonal lines as Snowball or Triangle Squares. Accurately sew bias seams for Binding in a jiffy! Sew perfect 1/4in seams! There are countless ways to use Sew Straight!

* No Key Needed
* Sewing on Unmarked Diagonal Line
* Sewing Miter
* Sewing Accurate 1/4in Seams
* Sewing Bias Seams for Binding
* Sewing Diagonal Lines for Pieced Squares


Ref # not_sewstrt      $8.95 ea         Quantity:  

Sew Easy Guide 1 & 2
An intriguing new product - the Sew Easy Guide 2 - is designed by Sara Gray for SewTogether. This is a guide that will help you consistently sew "scant" 1/4" seams because it is set up for a scant 1/4". No more deciding on your own to sew inside whatever guideline you use.

It simply attaches to your presser foot. It is removable and reusable. The actual guide is transparent once the masking tape is removed. We have 2 sizes - one is smaller, 6 1/4" in length and can sew a diagonal across a square as large a 4". Then there is a larger one that is 11 1/4" long. And can sew a diagonal across squares with sides up to 7 1/2".

The piece includes quite a good array of directions as to how to use.

Also check out this video to help you better understand it.

    Larger Image
    See a larger picture.
Ref # SewEasy_           
Sew Easy Guide 1 (small) ea $5.50
Sew Easy Guide 2 (large) ea $8.50


6-in-1 Stick 'n Stitch Guide
Clover 6-in-1 Stick 'n Stitch Guide with Nancy Zieman includes a 2-piece interlocking guide for your sewing machine. This guide is reusable and repositionable. It is helpful for straight stitching, stitching quilting strips, stitching outer curves, stitching inner curves, and topstitching along the right or left side.

We even have a video to show you how it works.

    Larger Image

Ref # StitchGuide_      $11.25 ea         Quantity:  

Sewing Machine Bag
1 Left!

Only 1 available!

This padded, burgundy bag with black interior and detailing has a large central compartment suitable for a featherweight sewing machine. There are two pockets sewn inside the main compartment (7 3/4" x 3 1/2" and 7 3/4" x 7") to hold the pedal and power cord. There is also a larger zippered outside pocket (7 1/2" x 11 3/4") on the front. The bag itself measures 12"L x 7"W x 11 1/2"H.
Sale--was 79.95

    Larger Image

Ref # ANWBag_      $55.95 ea         Quantity:  

Pencil Sharpener & Fabric Eraser
This is a pencil sharpener and fabric eraser set from EZ Quilting. Remove pencil markings from fabric using the fabric eraser and sharpen pencils to make finer lines for marking fabrics.
    Larger Image

Ref # Sharpener_Eraser      $3.00 ea         Quantity:  

Thread Magic
Thread Conditioner

We found a new thread conditioner! Thread Magic from Taylor Seville. Use this conditioner to strengthen the life of your thread. It will eliminate static as you sew. It will prevent tangling and fraying of the thread as you sew. It will not melt or freeze. Use it both for hand and machine sewing.

There are instructions to show you how you can "condition" your thread for your machine as you wind your bobbin. Very simple.

    Larger Image

Ref # thrdmgc_not      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Peels Spool Hugger
Peels Spool Huggers from The Gypsy Quilter keep your thread spools from unwinding. Made of soft, flexible rubber that adjust to any spool diameter. These are sold in sets of 6.
    Larger Image
Ref # Peels_not_           
Set of 6 colorful Peels ea $5.16


Bobbinis Bobbin Holder
Bobbinis Bobbin Holders from The Gypsy Quilter keep your bobbins and matching threads together. Made of soft, flexible rubber that adjusts to any spool diameter and works with type A-class 15, L, and M bobbins. These are sold in sets of 6.
    Larger Image
Ref # Bobbinis_not_           
Set of 6 Colorful Bobbinis ea $5.16


Pin Pal
Pin Pal from The Gypsy Quilter is a handy magnetic bracelet that keeps your pins conveniently close while you quilt or sew. The bracelet is constructed of durable woven nylon, with a hook and loop fastener that easily adjusts to any wrist size. Sixteen embedded magnets hold your pins until you need them.

Word of caution, the magnets in this bracelet are strong so please keep away from magnetically sensitive items such as computers, newer computerized sewing machines, televisions, computer devices, audio/video tapes, credit cards, compasses and cardiac pacemakers.

    Larger Image

Ref # PinPal_not_      $8.50 each         Quantity:  

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