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The Sun Stone Collection

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Paula Nadelstern's very organic looking "reads like a solid" collection. She created the Sun Stone Collection with her long ago Nuance line. She has added some bright and lively new colors for her ChromaZone Collection.

SS87 Sun Stone Red
New Color

One of the eight new Sun Stone colors.

The Sun Stone print design by Paula Nadelstern originated while she was working on her long ago Nuance collection. These prints are filled with lots of organic texture.

Paula has resurrected this design to work with her ChromaZone line as well as her older collections. Sun Stone Red is a blend of both a bright red and yellow mottled together with black veins all about. The red is somewhat predominant and could be considered as a "reads like a solid" though it is a great blender too.

Be sure to check out all of her Sun Stone colors.

Ref # SS87

SS87 Sun Stone Red yd $11.29
All 8 Sun Stone ChromaZone Colors (12/36/41/43/44/56/86/87) Fat Quarter pack ea $24.75
All 8 Sun Stone ChromaZone Colors (12/36/41/43/44/56/86/87) Regular Quarter pack ea $22.55
All 8 Sun Stone ChromaZone Colors (12/36/41/43/44/56/86/87) Half Yard pack ea $44.50
All 8 Sun Stone ChromaZone Colors (12/36/41/43/44/56/86/87) Yard pack ea $87.50

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