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Fossil Fern Fabrics - Over 100 Colors!

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Twenty years and still going strong! Originally designed by Patricia Campbell for Benartex, this fabric line has become a popular stash staple in many a quilter's home. We know all of us at the store has a stash of all the colors. Over 100 different colors. They read like a solid, but have truly a wonderful visual texture that we have yet seen replicated in any other collection.

FN90 Powder Blue

Fossil Fern by Benartex 528-133 is now 528-2H. It is the palest of all the blues and we so happy it is still being printed. If you like light backings it makes a beautiful one, as well as a lovely backgroud. The blue is a clear color like a light baby blue. Powder Blue describes it perfectly.

Ref # FN90

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