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The Cotton Club April 2015 Issue - The Egyptian Collection

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This month we're so excited to bring to you from Andover Fabrics, Downton Abbey's Egyptian Collection! Season 5 of Downton Abbey takes place around the year 1922, the same year King Tutankhamun's Tomb was discovered. Thus beginning the British love affair (and quite honestly the world) of all things Egyptian.

3 x 5 scan of 8" x 14" fabric

C1812 Egyptian Labyrinth

Since 1922, when Howard Carter found Tutankhamun, and other archaeologists brought to light Egyptian treasures, interest in Egyptian life was sparked. Lotus blossoms, hieroglyphs, amulets, and other Egyptian motifs are featured in this fabric by Andover's Downton Abbey collection. The rich colors are reminiscent of the precious jewels found in the treasures themselves such as lapis, onyx, carnelian, peridot, jasper, turquoise, and gold.

C1812 Egyptian Labyrinth is an interesting geometric print that looks like a maze of teal through a warm caramel and sienna print. The background print has zig zags, leaves and flowers. The teal maze is only 1/4" wide and separates the background into shapes that are between 4" and 6" long. Be sure to look at the larger photo to get a better feel for the design.

Other pieces in this collection include,

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