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Natural Fit Leather Thimble
By Clover. No seams or stitches where the needle hits the thimble, allowing the needle to be pushed from the most convenient spot. The unique shape creates a smooth curve from the edge of the fingertip to the middle of the finger. A cozy, natural fit.

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Ref # Not_6028CVThim           
Small Natural Fit Leather Thimble ea $13.95
Medium Natural Fit Leather Thimble ea $13.95
Large Natural Fit Leather Thimble ea $13.95


Adjustable Ring Thimble
By Clover. We used to carry these, so when we had a special request for this thimble, we decided to add it back to our inventory. They are especially good for people who can't wear a thimble. How many of us said that when we were first started? I did and now I can't sew without one. Oftentimes the side of the finger does have more strength, so give it a try. One size fits all.

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Ref # CloverThimble_1      $3.25 ea         Quantity:  

Match-Up Handi-Bobs
Keeps bobbin and matching spool together for easy storage. These have a tip on the end that slides down into the hole in the middle of the spool and then clips to the edge of the spool - very neat and organized.

We suggest using these with the YLI Variations. The rayon threads are so slippery, it is important to keep them contained.

If you are in the Aurifil Thread club, the Spooler is a better system for storing both bobbin and spool.

It is great to have a bobbin for every spool, treat yourself to a new box of bobbins today!

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Ref # Not_Handi-Bobs      $2.89 ea         Quantity:  

Bohin Finger Cots
Pack contains 2 flexible rubber finger cots, ideal for machine quilting. The rubber placed onto your fingers helps hold/grip the fabric as you guide it through the machine. No need for gloves! The opened top allows long fingernails through.

We didn't, but some people find it useful under the quilt and people with arthritis like them. They run small but also, they do stretch!
Ref # Not_FingCot           
Bohin Finger Cots - large ea $10.10
Bohin Finger Cots - medium ea $10.10
Bohin Finger Cots - small ea $10.10


Our Favorite Pins
It would be nice if we could have one straight pin which would do everything we needed, but it just isn’t how it is. As the years have gone by, we have bought them all, but there are just four that we use all the time and we wouldn’t want to be without any one of them. First, the Clover silk pins with red and white glass heads. These have long been a very favorite for machine and hand piecing. These are very sharp. Near the sewing machine, we throw away everything else. You will LOVE us for these!!

Secondly, a Multi-Use heavy duty pin for big jobs! Some like a longer pin than this, but we DO NOT. At 1-1/2”, this pin is the ideal length. It was hard to find this pin when we needed more. Super Strong! Smooth, Fine, Sharp 0.60mm Steel Shaft.

Thirdly, a pin for pinning stacks together when you want the stacks to lay flat. Longer than we like, but for this particular job they work well. Nothing else works as well when cutting multiple layers with a rotary cutter, such as in Stack-n-Whack. After trying a number of brands we found these held their flowers the best.

And lastly, the Appliqué Pins by Clover. The almond shaped design of the glass head allows the thread to slip right off rather than wrap around, and easy to manipulate. of 2cm - 3/4” long per box.
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Ref # FavoritePins_           
Clover Silk Pins Box of 100 $5.75
Multi-Use Steel Pins Box of 250 $7.99
Flat Flower Head Pins Pack of 50 $5.99
Clover Applique Pins Box of 150 $6.75
1 Pack of each Pin Assort $24.75
Include 1 package of Clover Patchwork Extra Fine Pins, and 4 pack assortment ea $32.49


Clover Patchwork Pins - EXTRA FINE #2507
The needle head on these patchwork pins is small and made of iron-proof glass. The tips are very sharp for ease in pinning. This is the extra fine size that Paula Nadelstern suggests using for her technique. Size is 0.40mm x 36 mm.

Karen Kay Buckley is also a fan of the this particular pin.

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Ref # Not_ClvPtchPinFine      $8.50 EACH         Quantity:  

Dritz Curved Basting Pins
50 1 1/16" Nickel-Plated curved basting pins. Safe to leave in quilts as they are rust and tarnish proof. The #1 Safety Pins are preferred by Barbara Shapel because they make the smallest hole and can be left in the top longer as they are less in the way when machine quilting than the larger ones. If you use the Kwik Klip they are easy on your fingers to close.

HINT from Barbara Shapel: When you are pinning the quilt sandwich, place the pins randomly rather than in rows. Then, as they are removed it is less likely that a long section will be left loose. Along the edges, every 2" is best. The Ginkgo - 35" x 56" - took about 225 pins approximately every 3".

MAKE IT EASY! Use the Kwik Klip tool for closing the pins.
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Ref # Not_CurvSP      $2.69 Each         Quantity:  

Silk Pin Size .50mm- 100ct
Every once in a while we like to remind you we have these wonderful pins. Great for both hand and machine sewing. Fine sharp Japanese like pins with red and white glass heads from Clover. For some of us, it is the only pin we use.

Because they are so fine, they will not leave a trace of a pinhole. Because they have a glass head, they will not melt should you run an iron over them.


Ref # RWSilkPins      $5.75 each         Quantity:  

50 Flat Flower Head Pins
Designed with a flat head & packaged in a plastic box. They are especially good for holding stacks of fabric together when cutting multiple layers with a rotary cutter, such as in Stack-n-Whack. After trying a number of brands we found these held their flowers the best.
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Ref # Not_Flower      $6.99 ea         Quantity:  

Clover Applique Pins
Appx. 150 pins with iron proof non-melting glass heads - 3/4” - 2cm long by Clover. We heard they were wonderful and they are! Quilters know when they have found a product they love. These pins are perfect for holding applique pieces tightly positioned. Whether stitching by hand or machine they stay out of your way and reduce the chance of thread tangles. The points are sharp and slip easily through the fabric without leaving a large hole or falling out. They arrive in a nicely designed plastic box with a securely fastened latch.

Award winning applique artist Karen Kay Buckley is a big fan of these pins, too.

We have recently discovered that these are wonderful for a design board. Something about the length and strength make them ideal.

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Ref # APins      $6.75 each         Quantity:  

Kwik Klip Tool
Basting just got easier! This handy tool fastens safety pins easier, faster and safer than ever! No more sore fingers or broken nails! Reduce pin basting time and end bunching.
Lay Kwik Klip tool tip on materieal approximately 1/8" from where the pin point will emerge. Use slight pressure to hold material down. As pin point emerges, allow pin point to ride on brass tip. To close, push pin closure down and click safety pin together. After a few times, this will become second nature and go very quickly!

If you need saftey pins, we suggest the Dritz Curved Safety Pins for basting.

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Ref # Not_KwikKlip      $7.95 ea         Quantity:  

Easy Grasp Pins
From Dritz® Easy Grasp™ pins are straight pins for sewing, quilting and crafts; they feature an elongated ball head with an indented base that provides more area to grasp and grip pin. Could be quite helpful for those contending with arthritic fingers.

•Ideal for the seasoned sewist, those with limited dexterity, and beginners
•Nickel-Plated Steel
•Elongated purple ball heads
•Stackable storage box with curved side for easy pin removal
•Size 24 – 1 ½”

There are 60 pins to a box.

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Ref # easygrsp_not      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

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