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Aurifil Thread

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Aurifil Thread 50 wt. Long Staple Egyptian cotton. This is a two-ply thread perfect for piecing. It is strong yet will lie flat in your seams.

Aurifil Thread - Starter Collection
This is a Starter Pack of Aurifil 50 weight, long fiber egyptian cotton thread in either the 220 yard spools or the larger 1422 yard ones. In addition to White (AT2024) it includes Light Beige (AT2000), Grey (AT2600) and Dark Blue (AT2785). It is a great way to give the thread a try! You can buy the starter pack in either the small 220 yard spools for $19.20 or the larger 1422 yard spools for $44.80.

All 4 colors are also available Open Stock in the larger spools of 1422 yards for $11.20 each.

If you love it and want more, join the Aurifil Thread Club and collect 144 colors over 12 months and save! 144 spools for the price of 120 - 24 bonus spools. The colors in the Starter Pack are not duplicated in the Aurifil Thread Club.

Our quilt world is raving about this long fiber Egyptian thread, for machine embroidery, machine quilting and piecing and hand sewing.

Open Stock for each collection is $57.00. In the club, the collections are $43.20 plus shipping each - a savings of 25%! In the club, you'll receive 12 spools each month except in Issues #15 and 20 which are only 10 spools. Monthly cost remains the same, $43.20 plus shipping.

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220 yard Aurifil Starter Collection - 4 Spools ea $19.20
1422 yard Aurifil Starter Collection (AT 2024, 2000, 2600, 27850)4 Spools ea $44.80
White (2024) Aurifil 50 Weight - 1422 yd spool ea $11.20
Light Beige (2000) Aurifil 50 Weight - 1422 yd spool ea $11.20
Grey Aurifil (2600) 50 Weight - 1422 yd spool ea $11.20
Dark Blue (2785) Aurifil 50 Weight - 1422 yd spool ea $11.20
Join the Aurifil Thread Club and send my first collection ea $43.20

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