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Block 5
Block 5 comes from Kathy Schmitz Studios. And once again we're creating some triangles.

However, it isn't as hard as it looks.

•As you can see, there is clearly a "center" block. This gives you the opportunity to "fussy cut" a particular motif (flower, animal, house, design) that you might like to place in the center. To fussy cut, in this case, a handy dandy 2 1/2" square from Omnigrid will work. Just keep in mind that there is a 1/4" seam allowance. If visualizing is difficult - just cut off some 1/4 post-it note strips to block off on your ruler so you can see what your fussy cut square will look like.

•In this block you will also make Easy Corner Triangles as noted by the pin symbol (as shown below in the red circle)on the block you will be making.

What this means, is instead of cutting on the diagonal, you will sew on the diagonal. When you do sew, you might wish to sew ever so slightly to the right - one maybe two threads to the right - gives you just enough more fabric when folding over and pressing to make that block or angle square. After you've sewn your line, you then have the option of cutting away the excess fabric in the back or not. Sometimes you may not want to cut the fabric because it helps to keep the piece square, or to size.

•Once again, play with the values of the fabric - just find 2 fabrics - a light and a medium or dark, your choice. Since only 2 fabrics are used and depending upon which way you use them, it will be a positive or negative effect.

Here is the FREE download for Block 5.

Ref # SS_Blk5

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