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Naturescape from Northcott

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Naturescapes from Northcott has over 40 pieces in the collection. Each piece is an all over design of water, or masonry, or sky, or grass, or stone, or tree bark, or... Great for landscapes or maybe you're putting some outdoor-type quilt design together.

Naturescapes Club
Collect all 48 Naturescape fabrics! Join The Naturescapes Club and get all 48 pieces over 5 months. We'll send you 10 Naturescape fabrics each month in the yardage amount of your choice, until you have them all. The final month we'll adjust the cost to account for sending only the final eight pieces.

And who knows this could be an expanding category if Northcott creates new pieces.

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Join Naturescapes Club - 10 Fat Quarters monthly ea $31.60
Join Naturescapes Club - 10 Half Yards monthly ea $56.35
Join Naturescapes Club - 10 Yards monthly ea $110.40

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