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Super Supplies Category includes our Clover Ball Point Awl
our Deluxe Seam Ripper.

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To this category we often add items that don't seem to fit anywhere else. Our Clover Ball Point Awl is one of those. It is the best Seam Ripper we have ever used! Others include the Microbrushes for cleaning the sewing machine, Perfect Circles in two sizes and much more. To see all our Super Supplies just Click Here.

Tiger Tape for Perfect Stitches & More
Tiger Tape has been around quite a while but recently a member introduced us to a new use for it. Her mother-in-law had a stroke and Tiger Tape helped her retrain her brain to sew. Our member has been using it for years, so it was natural for her to think of it. We thought this was information that should be passed around.

We too have had personal experience with it. Having spent most of our quilting lives trying to make our stitches smaller, we discovered when hand-stitching with decorative threads, they needed to be larger and the tape helped us retrain our brain to make them larger. Furthermore, we just laid it where we wanted to stitch and didn’t bother to mark the quilt.

Tiger Tape comes in a number of sizes. First, it is a lined quilter’s tape marked at either 4 or 12 lines per inch to be used as a guide for evenly spaced stitches - 1/4 inch wide. There is also a Flex tape which is great for gentle curves or 1/4" Wide 4 to the inch "Utility" stitching. And lastly, Big Stitch style - 1/4" wide and marked for big stitch - great for using with our Presencia Perle Cotton Size #8 thread. All rolls are 30 yards. Remember, no marking required.

Great for blanket stitching, cross hatching, Flex for cables and feathers. We understand it is often used for teaching children hand-eye coordination learned by sewing.

Ref # TigerTape

1/4" Wide - 4 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/4" Wide - 12 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/16" Wide - Flex Tape - 12 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/4" Wide - Big Stitch Style ea $9.45
One of Each - 4 Total each $37.00

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