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Kismet is Paula Nadelstern's newest collection, with 2 sub-collections - Flash Dance and Alchemy - for a total of 29 new designs. In Kismet she has created new panels, and two bilaterally symmetrical designs. One of which is a smaller version of her old and dear Dragon Feathers now reimagined as Dragonettes. There are 3 different colors of each. Then Flash Dance - new bilaterally symmetrical in almost 9 different tonal colors. Then there is the all-over and organic print, Alchemy.
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A33 Alchemy Yellow

FLD12 Flash Dance Black/White

FLD26 Flash Dance Fuchsia

FLD55 Flash Dance Blue

A22 Alchemy Pink/Multi

A28 Alchemy Orange

A49 Alchemy Olive/Plum

A55 Alchemy Blue

A69 Alchemy Eggplant

A99 Alchemy Multi


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