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Embellish your way to a beautiful object brimming with sparkle and ready to display using a simple, non-sewing technique. It's stress-free, it's satisfying, it's creative, it's fun. Have a party. That is what Paula Nadelstern did when these were made. She bought lots of beads and then invited her creative friends over for a great time.

Any panel from any of Paula's collection will work with this pattern. They are similar in size and style and will work wonderfully for this project. You will need to provide the beads, styrofoam balls, pins and enthusiam. To see the panels from some of our collections that they're still in stock - Wonderlust, More Is More, and Chromazone too!

To see the entire Paula Nadelstern and Kaleidoscope Category: Books, Fabric & Supplies, Click Here.

This Ornament pattern is FREE and downloadable, or we can print it for you and charge just the cost of printing.

Looking to where you might find all those beads, sequins and pins to decorate this ornament with? Check out Ami Simms blog - Opulent Ornaments: A Delightful Rabbit Hole.

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Patternista Ornament Pattern only (cost of printing) mail to me --was 4.00 ea $ 2.80
Email the Patternista Ornament pattern to me --was 0.00 ea $ 0.00


Sea Urchin Pincushion
Here is a wonderful pincushion pattern originally designed by Ellen Highsmith Silver, then modified just a bit by Jinny Beyer by making using kaleidoscopic fabric such as what we have with all of Paula Nadelstern's fabrics. Finished size is about 5 1/2 - 6" in diameter.

We actually discovered this pattern from a customer of ours, Carol V. She LOVES making these and finds she cannot stop - haha! Simply a great quilt group present or a present for your sewing friends.

We're calling it the Sea Urchin pincushion because we think it looks like a sea urchin when you use kaleidoscopic fabric. The pattern is FREE and Downloadable.

Yardage for the fabric is dependent on getting eight repeats of the motif you want to use for all the points.

TIPS FROM CAROL: Carol said she used a regular polyfil and just stuffed each point so that it is hard and not squishy, and used a long-nose tweezer to fill the points. She says the button for the top of the pincushion must be one with a shank. She also says she has learned (through trial and error) to put the top together first and then hot glue the button I in place. You can also place a button on the bottom if you wish.

Another tip - you might find the That Purple Thang a useful tool to help poke and stuff the fill into all those points.
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    See many more pincushions and the bottom.
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Download the Sea Urchin Pincushion pattern yourself from the link above in the text --was 0.00 ea $ 0.00
Print and mail a copy of the Sea Urchin Pincushion pattern to me --was 1.00 ea $ 0.70


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