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Bags, Aprons and even Scrubs! Check out the hot new Cell Phone purse pattern!

Travel Case Pattern
An ideal gift for a quilter! The first one may take an evening but after that they go even faster and if you want to mass produce them, you may! Great for gifts and bazaars. Why not add your favorite tool or tools? Here are ours:

Clover Ball Point Awl - If we could demonstrate this for you, you would wonder how you lived without it! It makes a wonderful seam ripper and with our eyes aging, the timing was perfect!

Small Olfa Cutting Mat - 6” x 8” and even if you don’t need to cut it makes a great work surface.

Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter - This cutter is the one that allows you to cut, free hand or anytime you want to cut through one layer.

Omnigrid 1x6” Ruler - CG Non-slip 4½” Square Ruler - Well, if we are going to carry an Olfa Mat and Cutter we have to have a ruler. We carry two!

Thin Water-Erasable Fabric Marker
Grey & Yellow Pencils
The marking tools we most often use at our fingertips!

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Ref # 1206TravCase

Travel Case Pattern ea $5.00
Clover Ball Point Awl ea $10.25
Small Olfa Cutting Mat ea $5.89
Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter ea $10.98
Omnigrid 1x6" Ruler ea $4.49
Creative Grid Non-slip 4 1/2" Square Ruler ea $9.99
Blue Line Thin Water-Erasable Fabric Marker ea $4.29
Grey and Yellow Pencils ea $4.29

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