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Gingher 45mm Rotary Cutter - Right Hand Version
When you want the Cadillac of rotary cutters! The Gingher Rotary Cutter was crafted to achieve a perfectly weighted balance that translates into improved handling and comfort in cutting. With a classic look and elegant form, the cast metal handle is satisfying to use from first to final cut. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that quality and performance of Gingher Rotary Cutters are unsurpassed.

Though any blade which fits an Olfa Cutter will fit this cutter, the authentic Gingher blade is Teflon coated - strong and sharp. Also, the innovative blade dispense and disposal package makes changing blades truly touch free. The cutter comes with one blade so you can always try it and decide for yourself.

The Gingher Replacement Blade will work in any 45mm cutter that uses an Olfa blade.

If you are left-handed, please let us know as these are hand specific!

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Gingher Rotary Cutter 45mm ea $69.95
Gingher Replacement Blades 45mm ea $12.99

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