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It doesn't matter how old you are, you can never have too much light. We carry an assortment of light products to help you get your sewing/quilt project done. Try the ever popular Ecolux LED Strip Light that is placed directly onto your machine saving you table and floor space. Or maybe you just need additional light to see the eye of your needle to thread it.

See what's in a Full Kit and The Adapter.

Ecolux LED Strip Light
This light is NOW available to our International Customers too! Everyone should have this Ecolux LED Strip Light! And in case you'd like to have a better idea as to what it will do for you and your sewing world - take a look at this video! Whether you quilt or are a tailor. You can never have too much light and this light from Ecolux Lighting is just the thing.

We love showing it to our customers. The response is always the same, "Wow! I want one." It is the perfect gift for every sewing machine.

"I don't know how I sewed before I had this light! The "more light, more sewing" slogan is really the truth," says Suzie Miller.

Buy the size to fit your machine - including Featherweights & Longarms. All you need to do is measure the mostly flat space under the head and buy the length that fits. Most home sewing machines use the 4" long - 6 light strip. Featherweights use the 3 Light Strip and Longarms vary.

Most common: 4" Long - 6 LED Light Strip Full Kit
Most featherweights: 2" Long - 3 LED Light Strip Full Kit

Available to our International Customers who live in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland - Ecolux Lighting now makes a very affordable adapter for the lights to work in your country.

To get started, you will need to get the Full Light Kit first. However for any additional sewing machines you might have, all you need are the Light Strips because the power source and switch can be moved from machine to machine.

Any length available! If you don't see it then call us - 208.345.5567 (or email -! We'll get it for you.

• NO BATTERIES NEEDED - Lights last 100,000 hours
• SMALL SIZE - Wafer thin LED mounts with a specially pattened adhesive.
• COOL - Only luke warm to the touch even when left on all day.
• LIGHT UP YOUR WORKING AREA - True white vertical light to consistently illuminate your entire work space.

• Trial test placement before removing protective tape on adhesive.
• The light strip is made with a special adhesive and only has a one-stick life.
• If you machine quilt, be sure to press down on the fabric as it goes through the underarm so that it doesn't place any additional pressure onto the Light Strip. Too much will cause it to come unstuck.
• And if for some reason the light has fallen off, you can send it back to the manufacturer. They will apply new adhesive for FREE, you are just responsible for the cost of shipping to and from the Ecolux Lighting. Contact us for that information: 208.345.5567 or email us -

And for those of you that may have an embroidery machine, or a newer machine with a USB port, you just might be interested in The Ecolux LED Strip Light with a USB Adapter.

And wait, there's one more thing we need to show you. You can never have too much light. Add this LED Sewing Machine Light to the end of your sewing machine arm, and, well, you're set.


Ref # EcoluxLight_Not_1012

White LED Light Strip Kit - 9 Lights with USB adapter - 6 inches long --was 108.99 ea $ 70.84
Adapter 900175 - for Australia, New Zealand only --was 7.00 ea $ 4.55
Adapter 900176 - for United Kingdom, Ireland only --was 7.00 ea $ 4.55

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Ecolux LED Strip Light


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